The Building Energy Exchange Brings You Daylight Hour

Today from 12-1pm Twitter was buzzing about #DaylightHour, companies posted pictures of unlit offices and conference rooms, meanwhile employees went about their daily routine. Daylight Hour is an event hosted by the Building Energy Exchange in which they asked that everyone “turn it off” for an hour. This is actually an effective idea since afternoon hours, while most people are at work, overlap with peak demand, which is when the demand for energy is at its highest point throughout the day. Considering demand is high during the afternoon, the price of energy is also more expensive. If we take the time to “turn it off” for an hour during the day, we not only conserve energy, but cost as well. Instead of having this be a one-time event, let’s try to make Daylight Hour a daily occurrence. The Building Energy Exchange actually conducted a study titled, Let There Be Daylight, which outlines Daylight Hour’s cost savings and how it makes for a better work environment. For more information about the event please visit:


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