About Luthin

Luthin Associates provides a wide array of energy consulting services to all of the industry sectors in the New York City region. We also partner with national delivery service companies to provide services outside the region.

Luthin Associates was founded by Catherine Luthin in 1994. Catherine parlayed a position with the New York City Office of Energy Conservation, where she developed experience in the energy business, into a consulting position at Columbia University soon to be followed by a contract for Vornado Realty. Catherine quickly realized that there was a void in the area of assisting the institutional sector in managing their energy usage. This began a long career that has resulted in Luthin Associates realizing hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for our clients since 2000.

At the same time that Luthin Associates was formed, natural gas deregulation was beginning. Luthin Associates began adding staff and became involved in the policy decisions and strategic plans for gas deregulation. By 1997, electric deregulation was starting and Luthin Associates was asked to provide the customer perspective to the utilities and regulators. By now, Luthin Associates had added regulatory services to our portfolio. As Catherine Luthin became Director of the New York Energy Buyers Forum in 1997, regulatory intervention became an important aspect of managing costs for New York energy users.

Economic Development subsequently became a major component of the business as Luthin Associates pioneered the development of the Power for Jobs program and the Con Edison Biomedical Business Incentive Rate.

By 2001, Luthin Associates had outgrown our space, and we purchased our current office building in Avon-by-the Sea, New Jersey. Our original product line included energy procurement, regulatory matters and economic development. In 2002, we added energy services and master planning to our offerings and began managing RFPs for a variety of services. Word had spread about the Company and for-profit companies such as real estate and financial services organizations were added to the client list. By 2007, Luthin Associates had once more doubled in size.

During 2001, Catherine Luthin also founded the Consumer Power Advocates which is an alliance of large not-for-profit institutions in the greater New York region. CPA’s mission is to lower energy costs for its members through representation in energy-related regulatory and legislative proceedings.

Today, Luthin Associates offers a wide variety of services including energy procurement, bill auditing, regulatory intervention, energy engineering, benchmarking, economic development, RFP management and sustainability planning. We have stretched well beyond the borders of New York State, managing a nationwide portfolio of energy procurement services for a national real estate chain.


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